Designed with a no compromise approach, PowerBass Xtreme line of products have been meticulously engineered to deliver the absolute finest in musical reproduction. Incorporating our unique manufacturing techniques along with hand selecting the highest quality parts, each PowerBass Xtreme product will easily surpass your expectations for heart pounding bass, crystal clear highs and mind blowing power.

Whether you are a SPL competitor or simply want the best, go audition our full line of Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Full Range Speakers and Components, Processors and Marine certified speakers at your local Authorized PowerBass Dealer and be prepared to be blown away.

Built for the audio enthusiast, PowerBass Autosound line of products are geared more than ever to provide an unsurpassed level of performance at amazingly affordable prices. From our Shallow Mount Subwoofers to our 1,500 Watt Class D Amplifier, each and every PowerBass products have been over engineered to provide you with many years of musical listening enjoyment.

From our 3 distinctive series of Subwoofers to our 2 series of Full Range Speakers, Components and Amplifiers, the PowerBass Autosound line can be easily matched to your budget but don't let our prices fool you. Each and every PowerBass products packs a massive punch that will last for many years. After all it is your hard earned money. Spend it wisely and choose PowerBass for your ultimate audio experience.



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